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Jalen door gift is a complimentary souvenir for gathering receptions and events that have
been loved by Malaysians. Introduced nearly six years ago, the variety of choices, affordable price, good quality, and delicious taste made Jalen Door gift leads the market in the door gift segment.

In 2014, we have come up with an idea of Jalen door gift products that is affordable and exclusive. Jalen door gift has spontaneously made free marketing in order to increase public awareness towards Jalen’s brand itself.Several years later, Jalen door gift has established its purposes and has become one of the main choices of Malaysian for door gift segment. Jalen door gift has been used as a

complimentary souvenir for various events, such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, charity events, or any other ceremonies.Jalen door gift has been in the market for nearly 6 years now and has become one of the highest demands for door gifts in Malaysia. We produce delicious and good quality products and offered reasonable prices as possible so that everyone can purchase our door gifts.

Currently, we have introduced 3 types of our signature condiments which are Premium Soy Sauce, Chili Sauce, and Syrup Rose Cordial in mini sizing (150ml) contained in glass bottle material as the choices of our door gift product including different design of boxes. We also provide our customers with free delivery for orders of 5 cartons and above and as long as the order is made a month before the delivery date.

What can compare to the flavour of Jalen’s Premium Soy Sauce? The rich and sweet flavours of this sauce make cooking became more interesting when each dish is tastier.

Jalen’s chili sauce is the end product of a carefully selected ingredients prepared on a traditional recipe. Suitable for a wide range of cooking purposes.

Jalen’s Rose syrup cordial is delighted simply because its distinctive flavor. When added with ice, a glass of Jalen’s Rose syrup cordial is really invigorating!

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